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Recommended by cardiologists, approved by FDA, CE and TUV, the HOTMAN System is a noninvasive cardiovascular screening dedicated to prevention, heart performance assessment as well as drugs prescription support; notably in hypertension management.

Benefits of hemodynamics
analysis for cardiovascular
disease monitoring

Hemodynamics studies the behavior of blood flow in the circulatory system. Abnormal blood flow has been found to be closely related to the onset and development of a wide range of cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, atherosclerosis, valvular heart diseases and heart failure. Cardiax Lab applies the latest hemodynamics technology to monitor the cardiovascular system and heart health.

Convenient access to cardiovascular data anytime

Cardiax Lab enables patrons to access their cardiovascular data on their mobile phone and forward it a few clicks. This approach radically enhances clinical communication with cardiologists and healthcare centers. Mustering the communication and the collaboration tools needed for high-quality care, Cardiax Lab gives the opportunity for patrons to connect with the right people at the right time.

Advanced noninvasive cardiovascular checkup

We are promoting intensive cardiovascular diagnosis and heart care management.

HOTMANTM SYSTEM is painless. Using Thoracic Electrical Bioimpedance (TEB) technology, which consists of electrodes assessing the blood flow (hemodynamics); no blood draw, no perfusion, nor radiation are required.


cardio data

We promote preventive checkups on cardiovascular issues and heart performance assessment for all adults, athletes or sports lovers, business executives, and persons bearing with a heart condition.

Circulatory system
status and analysis

Hotman system reveals the causes affecting your cardiovascular health and your heart performance.

PDF report

Receive your report on your mobile right after the screening.

Pro-Sports Plan
(9 parameters - HKD1,200)
For sports lovers

This cardiovascular screening is a “must do” for athletes. It is recommended to high-intensity activities amateurs. It assesses heart performance and clearly reveals the risks of heart failure. Unprecedented tool in the prevention of cardiac events during daily sports practice and competition.

Pro-Health Plan
(18 parameters - HKD2,000)
For all individuals over 18

Recommended to anyone willing to realize their cardiovascular profile.
This screening allows early detection of the risks of coronary heart disease.
It is a valuable tool for prevention and support of the circulatory system health.

Pro-Executive Plan
(24 parameters - HKD2,800)
For entrepreneurs

This cardiovascular screening is recommended to individuals holding high responsibility positions, under permanent stress. It ensures substantial monitoring and understanding of cardiovascular health, focuses on the causes related to the strengths and weaknesses of the circulatory system. It leaves absolutely no room to “silent” cardiovascular disease expansion.

I vowed and devoted myself to increase people's awareness of cardiovascular health, and thus, save lives… Today, I am delighted to be collaborating with Cardiax Lab and bringing smart and reliable cardiovascular analysis technology to Hong Kong for the benefit of your health.

Dr. Bo Sramek, Group Chairman

Cardiovascular diseases don’t show
any obvious symptoms.


of heart attack victims presented normal blood pressure level


of heart attack victims presented normal ECG readings


of strokes victims had regular exercise

5 to 10 years

is the time it takes to trigger a cardiovascular disease

React now.

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cardiovascular diseases.


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